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General Company Information:

Solak Enterprises,LLC

P.O Box 16833

Colorado Springs, CO, 80935

-Phone: 1-719-452-0100




-CEO: Aklilu Hailu

-Vice President: Dr. Solomon


SOLAK ENTERPRISES, LLC . as a SBA and VA certified company partners with major construction companies including those specialized in Airport building and road construction. Some of these companies have worldwide experience including contracts in more than 40 countries.


    • Our partners have decades of experience in airport engineering, design, planning and consulting. With a multidisciplinary team composed of architects, engineers and specialists in design and supervision, we offer a full range of related services covering all phases of design, engineering, planning and maintenance. Project experience spans the full range from large international to smaller regional airports, and major interstate highways.


    • Their services include major airport infrastructure, including design, planning and consulting. The design work includes: Feasibility studies, site selection, planning, design and supervision of runways, taxiways and aprons.


    • Planning entails: master planning including landslide and access facilities, and design of terminals.


    • Following successful installation, the teams maintain continuous supervision and consulting in maintenance of runways systems and flight navigation and ground aids. Adjunct to these up-to-date technology is employed to assist with optimization of commercial revenues and reduction of maintenance costs.


    • Facilitating passenger process with Self check-in, self-tag, self-bag drops, self-boarding and orientation devices.


Our partners in construction have decades of experience in designing, planning, executing and maintaining major road projects. As prime contractors they oversee design and  build highways and roadways, airports/airfields, streets, bridges and structures, water resource projects, and design build projects.

Other services include, schedule management, contractor quality control, subcontractor management, concrete pavement, concrete flatwork, concrete median barrier, pavement removal and demolition, excavation and embankment, subgrade stabilization, traffic control, soil-cement slope protection, concrete-flow fill manufacturing, and joint sawing and sealing aspects, as well as pipes, drains, concrete structures, concrete repairs, and aggregate and stabilized bases. Their service span major areas of USA highways and projects in Africa and Middle East.

Mr A. Haile has set up VA certified, privately owned company (SOLAK ENTERPRISES, LLC) with the purpose of providing optimal and, up to date, health services and supplies in the US and  all around the world.

Due to its special certifications, SOLAK is able to negotiate below market prices direct from world-class manufacturers. In this vein it has teamed up with medical equipment/device suppliers in a special program which helps small businesses grow.

Hence we are uniquely positioned to provide large quantities of fully integrated medical equipment to Tertiary Hospitals along with full technical support and training. Due to our strong belief in knowledge transfer and to empower our hospitals to play a proactive role, we plan to train nurses and technicians which would ultimately ensure sustainability and continuity of these centers.

Besides health care services, SOLAK is also interested in and willing to promote and advance Medical products and Exports by linking them to major consumers and distributors in USA and Around the world.